Who doesn’t love having spanking BRAND NEW home appliances? We want it all in fact but our budget always gets in the way. What’s worse? Sometimes, you have to pick between which appliance would be the most urgent to buy because it just costs a leg and an arm to get it all at the same time!

Well, what if we tell you that we won’t let your budget get in the way of getting what you want. When you shop at The CBF Store, your budget should be the least of your worries. After all, it’s a price-oriented online store.

Why choose The CBF Store?

Here! Check out our TOP 5 PICKS for you this new year! Always felt like upgrading that kitchen, or garden, well there’s no better time than NOW.

Australian Compressed – Privacy Garden Screens

The “Fern Leaf” decorative screen is for all nature lovers! This design blocks about 80% giving you the privacy you need with a hint of tropical style in your home. It’s ideal for both outdoors & indoors and can be placed side by side for a dramatic impact while it comes in various patterns & heights to meet your needs!

Key Specification – The screens can be painted, sealed, and cut as you prefer. (You can cut with any timber saw OR a fine blade circular saw would make it much easier!)

Variety – Comes in various other materials like Hardwood – Woodsman, and Smooth or Sealed with UV Protection in various patterns and sizes. We do customized orders as well. 

Price Range + Delivery – We’ve got a jaw-dropping deal for you, these screens can now be availed at $259 including delivery. So what are you guys waiting for?! Steal the deal right now!?

Warranty – Comes with a 7-YEAR warranty to not rot, split or crack.

Payment Options –  We offer a layby plan with an arrangement of 6 WEEKLY INTEREST-FREE payments starting at $43 which can be paid via Humm, Afterpay, Paypal, Direct Bank Transfers, Mastercard, Visa, etc (We’ve got you covered)

Australian Compressed Hardwood - Privacy Garden Screens
Australian Compressed Hardwood – Privacy Garden Screens

Euromaid CS9TS 90cm Stove/ Cooker – Electric Oven & Ceramic Cooktop

This Cooktop has just been our favourite top-selling item!! This beast comes with a popular commercial look, is super easy to clean, and makes controlling your scrumptious meals easy! Nothing beats a fresh pie, baked in a Euromaid oven, does it?! (Cause the main oven heats super quickly!!)

Key Specifications – 

  • 5 zone Ceramic Cooktop with 2 extended zones for larger saucepans
  • Higher heat and electric programmable oven (To program your cooking time & temperatures) 
  • Twin fans (Means even cooking results & multilevel cooking) 
  • 8 oven functions including fan-forced cooking, fan grilling, grill, conventional (static) pizza (bottom element with fan), browning (top element), and light.

Special highlights – 

  • Thanks to the triple glazed door feature that gives extra insulation to keep more heat locked inside the oven for more energy-efficient cooking and also improves heating efficiency that keeps the exterior of the door cooler to touch.
  • Catalytic liners (Makes cleaning super easy as it absorbs oils & fat splashes during cooking!) 
  • Adjustable height (ranging from 895 – 905mm) 

Price Factor – Now selling at $2,199 including free shipping!! And of course, with our special “Offer Us” feature you can bid us your offer and we’ll try matching your price!?

Warranty – 2 years Manufacturer’s warranty 

Delivery – 5 – 14 business days

Payment – We offer lay-buy from $999 today and 5 weekly interest-free payments of $240/- which can be paid via Humm, Afterpay, Paypal, Direct Bank Transfers, Mastercard, Visa, etc

Baumatic BWC646 60cm 46 Bottle Wine Fridge Storage

Are you a wine connoisseur too?!

Well, then this stunning wine cooler from Baumatic is a perfect addition to your prized collection which comes with the storage capacity of 46 bottles looking super stylish and streamlined in black! 

  • This fridge’s storage unit allows not 1 but TWO temperature zones. So you can store white wine on the upper shelves with cooler temperature settings and the red wines below!! (How cool is that?!) 
  • 145 liter capacity (Giving you enough space to stock for those special occasions or a cozy night in) 
  • Door lock (To give you that peace of mind knowing that children won’t have access to your wine collection) 
  • Circulated fan cooling for balanced storage temperature

Special highlights – 

  • Vibration-free compressor – Yep, this means the sediments won’t stir in the bottle
  • The see-through glass door completes the sleek look & design of this chiller and makes it easier for you to choose without letting all the cold air out! 
  • Reversible door 

Warranty – 2 years 

Price $899 ONLY (Do we still have to mention free shipping?! HURRY UP!!

Payment method – Lay-buy starting at $150 with 6 WEEKLY INTEREST-FREE payments which can be paid via Humm, Afterpay, Paypal, Direct Bank Transfers, Mastercard, Visa, etc

SOGA Commercial Manual Juicer Hand Press Juice Extractor Squeezer Orange Citrus in Matte Black

Trying to stay clean? Wanna indulge in fruit juices?

This manual juicer is the escape you’ve been looking for!! This massive gastronomy juicer might be a bit heavy but trust me it’s super easy to use! 

Key Specifications – 

  • Made of cast iron with a sturdy wide & flat base that ensures stability on any surface. (We all hate juicers that can’t stay put) 
  • Funnel & Pressing Cone are made of stainless steel 
  • Removable cup for easy cleaning & adjustable cup height to accommodate different fruits.
Blending fresh juice
Fresh Press Manual Juicers

Special Highlights – 

  • Squeeze out maximum juice with minimum physical effort without NOISE, ENGINE or WATTAGE!! (Yes, you heard me!! It’s legit manual) 

Variety – Comes in different colors like white, red, yellow, green, orange, and pink!

Price – $170 including free shipping (Shh.. you heard me! ?) 

Payment Method – Laybuy starts at $28 with 6 WEEKLY INTEREST-FREE payments which can be paid via Humm, Afterpay, Paypal, Direct Bank Transfers, Mastercard, Visa, etc!

Tesvor X500 Pro

Are you interested in a robovac too? Worried you might have to splurge to get one? HOLD IT, RIGHT THERE!! We’ve got the perfect solution for you at such a THROW-AWAY price!! It’s the TESVOR X500 PRO!!

Key Specifications – 

  • Unique cleaning system – 3 step process where it collects dust & dirt particles using the rotating bottom rollers, then transports by suction to the collection container 
  • 2 in 1 – vacuum + mop 
  • 3.0 Gyroscope navigation (Means using an intelligent navigation system to clean) 
  • Intelligent Control Water Tank (It means you can now use the app to adjust the water output of the tank, adopt different mopping plans & protect your floors to ensure the cleaning effect) I’m amazed at how far we’ve reached with the help of technologies!!?

Special Highlights – Still not convinced?! 

  • Long battery life up to 100 mins once fully charged!!
  • Smart control via App and Voice 
  • It sucks!! Did we just say it sucks? Well, don’t we need a robovac that does suck? This unit comes with the suction power of 1800PA making it perfect for all types of cleaning surfaces! 

Price – Well then the numbers might shock you!! We’re selling them off at $239 with a lay-buy plan starting at $40 (and this is just getting better) with 6 WEEKLY INTEREST-FREE payments which can be paid via Humm, Afterpay, Paypal, Direct Bank Transfers, Mastercard, Visa, etc!! 

Warranty – 1 year

Put your feet up & we’ll bring the price, quality and service you’ve been looking for, to your doorstep.

The CBF Store

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