Valentine’s Day is intended to be the day where you celebrate that special someone in your life. However, with all the “undivided attention & outburst of love,” we have received from COVID, it is proven that love has no bounds & can withstand all the vaccines our scientists & doctors have come up with! LOL! We need a holiday, can you tell?!

Speaking of which, the amount of time we’ve all spent at home, the relationship we have with our household chores have taken precedence! (sighs). While flowers & chocolates are indeed one of the classic Valentine’s gifts, we have our own tiny tweeny way of celebrating Valentine’s – The CBF Way!

Valentines Day Love Coupons

1) “Maid” for You (wink wink)

Yes, let’s all agree to disagree how much we LOVE cleaning the house for once! So, why not skip through the most dreadful task this Valentine & gift yourselves a break?! (Amen, to that!)

While it’s common to buy jewellery, clothing, or maybe spend a romantic weekend away (which thanks to COVID has made it impossible), why not splurge on something for your HOME? People can walk away but your home is here to stay! It deserves a little bit of pampering don’t you think?

Introducing you to my Life-saver –> Tesvor Collection!

I’m in awe of how amazing these little robovacs are! Not even kidding, these guys can mop & clean the floor, taking away all the dirt & pet hair my fur babies spread! There’s no need to be so hard on yourself if you don’t have the time to clean because your Tesvor will hold down the fort when you’re away, at work or just hibernating on the couch all day. This little robot gift has been a blessing in disguise for me & I highly recommend one of these to you this Valentines’!

2) Love at First Bite!

You probably won’t be making any reservation at a crowded restaurant this year, so why not take this opportunity to stay in & surprise your better half with some home-cooked meal – the perfect way to get brownie points this Valentine’s.

They say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, so a well-planned, thoughtful meal is the perfect way to show your love this Valentine’s. Dim the lights, pour some champagne and play a little music for a smooth finish to your date.

The devil is in the details so know your audience. Surprise them with classic finishes they wouldn’t expect from you and you’ve won them over! Well at least, for another year haha

3) Fill it, Shut it, Forget it!

Once mealtime is over, you’re left with everyone’s most dreaded chore – the dishes. Scraping dishes, rinsing dishes, drying dishes, loading the dishwasher — it’s not pleasant no matter how you slice it. Because of this, having a third party take care of the stack of dirty dishes is the best advice we can give.

Stacking the dishwasher

Doing the dishes is a nightly battle, so giving your spouse a break is a much-needed relief. Load the plates, utensils, cookware, glassware, and anything else while your significant other enjoys his or herself this Valentine. And don’t stop there — while you’re at it, might as well wipe down the counters, the stovetop, and mop the kitchen floor. The job isn’t complete until the entire kitchen is spotless.

While the dishwasher is running, this is a chance for your spouse to pour a second glass of champagne or pick into that dessert. Knowing the kitchen is clean and free of mealtime messes will allow you both to unwind and enjoy the night without any worry. And trust us when we tell you, the actual way to a woman’s heart is by doing the dishes for her lol. Thank us later!

Be like Bill

4) Slam Dunk the Junk!

It’s simple enough, but taking out the trash without being asked is a true sign of love. (Not up for debate!) We told you the way to a woman’s heart is by doing the dishes, but the ULTIMATE, stairway there, is by taking the trash out before being yelled to do so!

And if you have a trash compactor, now’s a good time to give that a clean as well (don’t say no to extra brownie points!). Make sure the trash is emptied and wipe down the cabinet door, the handle, and anything else that could be full of germs from contact with your after-meal garbage.

Now, if this doesn’t bump you up real high on that Valentine’s scoreboard, we don’t know what will.

Throw away your rubbish

5) Turn, Wash & Wear!

Another one of the major chore groups is laundry day! Instead of letting the hamper overflow or walking past the pile of dirty clothes on your bedroom floor, take it upon yourself to do the laundry for the day.

This can be one of the first surprise chores you do in the morning to begin Valentine’s at home. Grab the dirty clothes basket and some detergent and get to it. Be sure you’re sorting your clothing appropriately by colour and running the correct temperature setting. (we don’t need your valentines turning into a tragedy now, do we!)

Once your clothes are washed and dried, you might as well do the ironing while you’re at it. No one likes creases in their clothes, so press out all those wrinkles so you can look your best on Valentine’s Day. Neatly fold your garments and put them away so your bedroom stays free of any clutter. Now imagine your better half walking into a freshly cleaned pile of folded laundry! That my friend would be the beginning of a perfect Valentine’s!

Laundry meme

Time to Celebrate

There are countless small chores you can do to show your valentine you care. Whether you make the first cup of coffee for breakfast in bed, vacuum, clean the bathroom, take care of some yard work, you can’t go wrong. We all love a day off, so taking the lead on any chore is the perfect way to celebrate an intimate Valentine’s Day this year.

And if you still feel it necessary to shop for your loved one, we just might have the perfect gift for you at The CBF Store. Shop online, give us a call or visit our store to grab the best collection of cooking and cleaning appliances in Australia. We know you’ll love the products and the prices! Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines Day 2022

Put your feet up & we’ll bring the price, quality and service you’ve been looking for, to your doorstep.

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