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Shipping Rates & Policies

No worries at all! Your order will be in action within a couple of days. Shipping usually takes around 5 to 14 BUSINESS days, depending on where you are.

Curious about delivery in your area? Our super-friendly customer service team is here for you. They’re all about helping out and would be absolutely thrilled to chat with you and answer any questions you’ve got. Just give them a shout! 🚀🌍📞

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Unlike some other well-known appliance vendors, CBF goes the extra mile (literally!) to serve customers far and wide, reaching wherever our trusty delivery trucks can roll. If your postcode is nestled in a charming countryside spot, just a heads-up: your item might take a tad longer to arrive, but it’s worth the wait.

And here’s a little tip: our friendly freight folks might give you a buzz (on your favorite contact number) before setting off on their journey to deliver your prized appliance safely. So, keep that phone handy and let’s make this delivery dance a smooth one! 🚚📞

CBF Store

We’ve got good news: most of our items come with free delivery to almost all of mainland Australia, including Tasmania. Some items are also free to certain zones.

For other cases, we offer competitive shipping. You can either confirm the cost at checkout or chat with us for a custom quote. And remember, check the “Features” section of each item for extra shipping info.

Just a heads-up: if you’re in a remote area, there might be an extra delivery charge. No worries, though! If you’re unsure about your location, feel free to get in touch with us anytime before you make a purchase. We’re here to help! 🚚📦

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