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Bank Transfer, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Laybuy, AfterPay, ShopHumm, ApplePay & GooglePay. And absolutely no cheeky surcharges!

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Refund All Monies

If you decided to cancel your lay-by with us after any number of payments have been made, we reserve the right to refund all monies paid up to cancellation day LESS an administrative charge.

*$30 or 10% of the total item/order amount (whichever is the least of these two).*

"Offer Us" & "CBF Lay-By"

Try your luck with 'Offer Us': suggest a price you'd pay for a product, and if fortunate, we might just accept! How? You will know instantly from that funky, uber-cool, purple “OFFER US” button that sits next to our “BUY NOW” button. Most of our items are eligible for good ol’ fashioned Lay-by as well. The CBF Lay-by arrangements allow for “Weekly” or “Fortnightly” payments, up to 3 months. By entering into such a payment arrangement, you agree to adhere to our CBF Lay-by terms and conditions, which is really quite simple….

CBF Lay-By

Up to 3 Months

Weekly or Fortnightly Payments

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