Moving into a new home is an exciting experience, and it’s even better when you have all the necessary appliances to make your life easier. With the new year fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start thinking about what appliances you need in your new home for 2023. From refrigerators and washing machines to vacuums and coffee makers, there are certain appliances that are essential for any modern household. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 8 must-have appliances in your new home for 2023.

1.   Heater/Cooler

With the changing weather, it is important to be prepared for both hot and cold days. An inverter air conditioner can provide you with the perfect temperature all year round. It can heat up a room in winter and cool it down in summer, making it an ideal choice for any new home or office. Not only does it make your living space comfortable but also saves energy costs by using inverter technology to regulate the temperature automatically. With its advanced features, an air conditioner heater/cooler/inverter can ensure that you are comfortable in any season.

Air Conditioner or Heater in your new home
Air Conditioner-Photo by Raychan on Unsplash

2.   Dishwasher

Are dishwashers important? “YES, THEY ARE! “echoed every mother in Australia.  They are an important kitchen appliance for any family. Not only does it save time and energy, but it also helps to keep your dishes clean and germ-free. A freestanding dishwasher is a great choice for those who need more flexibility in their kitchen design. It can be placed anywhere, even in a corner or under the counter in new homes, making it ideal for smaller kitchens.

A dishwasher is especially important if you have a large family or entertain often. It can help you get through the piles of dishes quickly and efficiently so that you can spend more time with your guests or simply relax after dinner. Plus, since the dishes are sanitized during the washing process, everyone in your home can enjoy meals without worrying about germs or bacteria. (just in case anyone’s still paranoid post-pandemic:p). Also, they don’t have to look boring! Design them beautifully into your kitchen interior to give it a camouflaged look!

Dishwasher in your new home
Dishwasher-Photo by Wendelin Jacober: Pexels

3.   Washer/Dryer

A laundry room is one of the top necessities in a new home. At least for most Australians! A washer and dryer are two essential appliances, especially for a family. With a washer and dryer, you can save time and energy on tedious laundry tasks. Not only do these machines make it easier to keep your clothes clean and fresh, but they also provide the convenience of having all your washing needs taken care of in one place. With a washer and dryer at home, you no longer have to worry about taking your laundry to the laundromat or waiting in line to use shared facilities.

Washer and dryer for your new home
A person using a washing machine – Photo by RODNAE Productions: Pexels

4.   Oven

What’s a new home without an oven? Why do you need one you ask? Ovens are essential kitchen appliances that allow you to cook, bake, and heat up food. They make cooking easier and more efficient. Ovens come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find one that fits your needs. With an oven, you can make delicious meals like pizza, roasted vegetables, and even desserts like cakes and cookies. Ovens are also great for reheating leftovers or pre-cooked meals. Not only do ovens save time in the kitchen, but they also help you create tasty dishes with ease!

Ovens for your new home
Woman baking – Photo by cottonbro studio: Pexels

5.   Stove & Range Hood

A stove is the primary cooking appliance in a kitchen, allowing you to prepare a wide variety of dishes. A range hood is used to remove smoke, steam, and cooking odors from the kitchen. This is important for maintaining good indoor air quality and preventing the buildup of grease and grime on kitchen surfaces. A range hood can also help to reduce the risk of fire by removing flammable grease and other debris from the air. A stove and range hood also serve as design elements in a kitchen, helping to define the overall aesthetic. Overall, a stove and range hood are necessary for cooking, ventilation, safety, and design.

6.   Refrigerator

A refrigerator is typically considered a necessary appliance in a home, as it is used to store and preserve food. When moving into a new home, you will likely want to purchase a refrigerator as soon as possible. There are several types of refrigerators to choose from, including:

  • Top-freezer refrigerators: This is the most common type of refrigerator, featuring a freezer compartment at the top and a refrigerator compartment below.
  • Bottom-freezer refrigerators: This type of refrigerator features a freezer compartment at the bottom and a refrigerator compartment above.
  • Side-by-side refrigerators: This type of refrigerator features a freezer compartment and a refrigerator compartment that are next to each other, rather than one above the other.
  • French door refrigerators: This type of refrigerator features two doors, with the freezer compartment located below and the refrigerator compartment above.
  • Compact refrigerators: This type of refrigerator is smaller in size and is often used in smaller homes, dorm rooms, or as a second refrigerator.

Ultimately, your choice will likely depend on your personal preferences and the size of your kitchen.

Refrigerator for your new home
Refrigerator – Photo by Max Vakhtbovych: Pexels

7.   Coffee Machine

A coffee machine is not a necessity when moving into a new home, but it is a convenient and popular appliance for many people who enjoy coffee. The best kind of coffee machine depends on personal preference and needs.

For example, if you prefer a single cup of coffee, a drip coffee maker or a single-serve machine might be the best choice. If you want to make a pot of coffee, a drip coffee maker or a French press may be the best option. If you want to make espresso-based drinks, a semi-automatic or fully automatic espresso machine would be a better choice.

Ultimately, the best kind of coffee machine for you will depend on your budget, your coffee preferences, and how much space you have available. It’s good to do some research, read reviews and ask for recommendations before making a decision.

Coffee maker for your new home
A person using Espresso Machine – Photo by Chevanon Photography: Pexels

8.   Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums can be a convenient addition to a household, especially for those with kids and pets as they can help to keep the floors clean and tidy on a regular basis. They can automatically navigate around a room and clean up debris and pet hair, which can save time and effort compared to manually vacuuming.

There are heaps of new vacuums in the market now, depending on your need and budget, there is one robot vacuum for everyone. There’s no need to sell an arm and a leg to get one anymore. We’ll hook you up with some powerful yet economical machines right here!

Robot vacuum for your new home to accompany your cats
Robot Vacuum Cleaner -Photo by YoonJae Baik on Unsplash

So tick off all the above and wa-la! We have a brand-new home with the best appliances in Australia!

Written by Darshini for The CBF Store

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