If you are a wine connoisseur, you know there are few things as pleasurable as a perfectly chilled wine. This is why we know you need one of these wine chillers in your collection. Take a peek and have a pick!    

1. Baumatic BWC646 Wine Chiller

This unit is a must-have for any wine connoisseur. It comes with a 46 bottle, 145-litre capacity, and allows for two temperature zones. The upper shelf has a temperature range of 5-12°C and is perfect for white wine, while the lower shelf range is 12-22°C, and can be used to store the reds. The standard shelves for this unit are designed for Bordeaux bottle storage.

The unit comes with two designs for the pull-out shelves; one with the shelves having a plastic stopper on each side of the shelf track to prevent the bottles from falling, while the other with telescopic rails which have stoppers by themselves.

It also has a circulated fan cooling to facilitate a balanced storage temperature for your wines. It also has a vibration-free compressor ensuring that sediment won’t stir in the bottle. Check it out here!

2. Baumatic BBC6178 Beverage Centre

If you are the kind of person that loves entertaining, then this unit is a great addition to your kitchen. This beverage chiller will add style to your home with its rimless black frame and smoked tempered glass.

Plus, it comes with 3 wire shelves beechwood trim, equipped with a stopper to ensure the bottles don’t fall out, and blue internal illumination lights. With this unit, you definitely don’t need anything else to be the life of the party.

3. Vintec V190SG2E-BKLH Wine Chiller

Let’s just start with the fact that this baby has a 198-bottle capacity. How awesome is that? It comes with a number of unique features to ensure that your wine is maintained at optimal drinking temperatures.

Firstly, there’s the double-glazed glass and insulated panels, a heating function ensuring constant temperature in the cellar all year round. Plus, an externally housed compressor, shock absorbers, and wooden shelves to ensure your bottles are protected from constant vibration.

It is equipped with UV-treated tinted glass doors, internal LED lights, and dark interiors to keep UV light away from your precious wine. This wine chiller is a must-have, especially for restaurants with an extensive wine list.

4.Vintec VWS035SBA-X Wine Chiller

If you are just starting out as a wine collector or simply want to keep your wine chilled at home, then you definitely need this unit. It is freestanding, at 840mm high, 493mm wide, and 588mm deep. This single zone unit is used mainly for cellaring but can also have an alternate function of serving as a wine cabinet for both red and white wines.

It is equipped with a reversible door, 4 adjustable wooden shelves, and a digital temperature display. And finally, it comes with a borderless black glass finish bringing both style and functionality to your wine collection.

It is crucial to note that when making the choice of the wine chiller to add to your collection, you must always look at a number of critical things. Firstly, check the dimension; these are usually included in the spec sheet. This is so you don’t get the unit and then realize it doesn’t fit.

The second thing to check out is whether it is freestanding, under bench or both. This will help you know how to install the wine chiller and if it is actually the one you need, depending on the space dimensions.

Always ensure the user manual is included in the website you buy from so you can check it out and have all the information you need at hand.

Finally, check that it has a warranty, how long it is, and how easy it is to reach the service team if needed.

Well, now you know the best wine chillers to add to your collection. Take your pick and thank us later.

Glass of red wine at dinner
Enjoy a chilled glass with your meal, anytime

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