Are you planning to decorate your house? Well, then it’s time to dust off that Pinterest board of Home Decor and get started right away!

We have got you covered with these fantastic Australian Compressed Hardwood Privacy Garden Screens to revamp your house and blow your minds away!!

They are a decorative and practical element for any home. The wooden screens are also called “Room Dividers”. Use a wooden screen as a divider to break up a big space immediately to get two or three rooms. It instantly adds some texture to your area.

If you change your mind at any given time, you could use them in your yard or garden (anywhere outdoor) or put them in another room. The cream colour is the best as a room divider. But you can get your hands on any size, material, and colour as per your needs!

Cayman - Australian Compressed Hardwood - Privacy Garden Screens Australian Made - 600 x 1200 mm - 9 mm
Cayman – Australian Compressed Hardwood – Privacy Garden Screens Australian Made – 600 x 1200 mm – 9 mm

For your outdoors, here are some ideas:

  • Create a vertical garden. Place big flower pots along with the screen. You can also hang smaller pots on it to create a green wall. You’ll get an adorable flowery wooden screen. 
  • Decorate your balcony with these screens and have a beautiful cast that follows!
  • Decorate it with lanterns around or hang them on it.

For your indoors, here are a few innovative ideas:

  • Cover up any white space (at the staircase even) and create a statement while you’re at it.
  • Use it as a safety boundary for your furbabies.
  • Get creative and use it as a bed headboard.
  • Separate your rooms with these stylishly designed screens and create a workspace for yourself without actually building another room!!
  • Paint it black or any colour you prefer and enhance your wall with this statement design!

The wooden screens are easy to replace, so you could also use them for wardrobe. You could place it wherever you like. You can put it in your kitchen and when you get bored of it there, easily move it to your bedroom or bathroom.

Take a look at the following wooden screens for indoor and outdoor for privacy!

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