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Clean your appliances the right way, so they stay germs free and look new longer. Here are the top 5 appliances in every household in Australia. Explore tips on how to clean them and how often. 

Daily, Weekly or Monthly Cleaning Tips for the Top 5 Appliances in Every Household in Australia


Weekly: Wipe spills with antibacterial wipes or cloth as soon as you notice it. A quick check, rearrange and wipe before adding on new items after grocery shopping keeps the fridge organized and free from any surprises. 

Monthly: It’s time for a deep clean. And this is how you do it:

  • Remove all food, shelves, and drawers.
  • Check all content and throw away spoiled food and expired food.
  • Use a cloth to wipe everything down with warm water and soap / baking soda. This sanitizes and keeps the fridge clean.
  • Place shelves, drawers, and food that are still good back into the fridge.
  • Use fridge filters to keep the refrigerator smelling fresh. A more natural way to do this is to use either a bowl of dry ground coffee, baking soda, or half a lemon face down inside (change before it spoils).
  • Check your instruction manual to see how often you need to defrost or clean out your fridge too. This could vary depending on how old your refrigerator and freezer are and the brand also.


Daily: Wipe stove surfaces after each use or at the end of the day. Use an all-purpose cleaner and a cloth.

Monthly: Do a deep clean and even wipe down the range hood. Since you’ve been keeping the stove clean, this shouldn’t take too long. This monthly clean is more for the range hood.

And if you have a real mess to clean up, check out this video.

How to Clean Your Stove Top

Washing Machine

Daily / After Every Use: Leave the lid open after every wash to allow the inside to dry and keep fresh.

  • Run an empty cycle with just warm water, baking soda, and white vinegar once a month. This helps kill bacteria that may be growing.
  • Don’t forget the exterior. Wipe down the exterior and the door of the machine with a cloth too.

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After Each Use: Leftover food finds it’s way down to the drain of the dishwasher beneath the lower rack. Check the drain and ensure it’s clean to avoid clotting. Spraying the drain with white vinegar to keep it fresh. 

Monthly: Place a cup (dishwasher-safe) two-thirds filled with white vinegar on the top rack. Run a normal cycle with hot water. This helps sterilize the dishwasher. Wipe down the exterior, so it’s free from dust. 


Daily: If you’re a heavy user, do the following daily. If you’re not, these steps can be done once a week or so. 

  • Wipe down the inside with soap and water. Or, microwave a bowl filled with lemon slices and water, for about 3-5 minutes or until the water boils. The steam created will loosen grease and grime, making it easier to wipe off. It gives a fresh smell too. 
  • Wipe down the exterior (not forgetting the handle) with baking soda, soap, or antibacterial to sanitize.

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