In Australia, “Christmas in July” is a mid-year celebration that has grown in popularity in recent years. It is a fun festival held in July that is modeled after the customary Christmas celebrations that take place in December.

Due to Australia’s Southern Hemisphere location, December falls during the summer, making the concept of a winter Christmas with snow and cold weather irrelevant. Because of this, some Australians embrace the idea of having a “second” Christmas in July, when it is still winter.

Despite the fact that there isn’t any genuine snow in the majority of Australia, here are some enjoyable Christmas in July activities you can plan with your loved ones and friends!

1. Gift Exchange

Arrange a gift exchange with friends, relatives, or coworkers. You can do a white elephant gift exchange where participants bring and trade original or amusing gifts, or you can draw names.

 Exchange of gifts for Christmas in July
Friends exchanging gifts: Photo by Nicole Michalou : Pexels

2. Seasonal Movie Night

Host a festive movie night with modern seasonal favourites or vintage Christmas movies. Prepare hot chocolate, popcorn, and other Christmas in July goodies while watching them.

Festive Movies during Christmas in July

3. Baking and Cooking

Spend time in the kitchen creating holiday delights like fruitcakes, mince pies, and gingerbread cookies. A classic Christmas meal with roasted meats, veggies, and all the fixings can also be made on one special day in July.

 Baking and cooking for Christmas in July
Family preparing food in the kitchen: Photo by August de Richelieu: Pexels

4. Throw An Ugly Sweater Party

Guests come dressed in their gaudiest and most festive Christmas sweaters. Have fun with it and give out prizes for the most hideous, imaginative, or humorous jumper.

Ugly Sweater Party for Christmas in July
Woman wearing ugly Christmas sweater: Photo by RDNE Stock project: Pexels

5. Outdoor Activities

Go skating, make a snowman, or engage in a friendly snowball battle if you live in a place where it snows in July or have access to indoor snow activities. Restaurants and hotels may offer special Christmas-themed menus and promotions, and some retail stores take the opportunity to have mid-year sales, similar to Black Friday or Boxing Day sales.

Two friends in a snowball fight: Photo by Liza Summer: Pexels

Gift Ideas

Do you just want to buy your partner the perfect Christmas gift early this year? Or, if you’re feeling generous… Christmas Gift Part 1 haha. We have some ideas for you. Choosing appliances as gifts can be a cool and practical idea, especially with the rising trend of automated gadgets.

For instance, robot vacuums have become popular for their ability to effortlessly clean floors, making them a perfect gift for busy individuals or those who simply want to save time. Trust us, nobody is going to say no to a clean floor they don’t need to sweep themselves.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Video by Kindel Media: Pexels

Similarly, coffee machines offer the convenience of brewing a perfect cup of coffee at home, allowing coffee enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite beverage with ease. Start your day with the perfect espresso.

A person making coffee: Photo by Ketut Subiyanto: Pexels

Additionally, Bluetooth speakers are a fantastic gift choice for music lovers, as they provide high-quality sound and wireless connectivity, enabling them to enjoy their favorite tunes anytime and anywhere. By gifting these appliances, you not only offer practicality and convenience but also embrace the modern technological advancements that are transforming our everyday lives.

So many options and Christmas in July is really just another reason to party and celebrate the little things in life. Make the best of this winter whether it’s hosting a themed party, exchanging thoughtful gifts, or indulging in delicious holiday treats. So, let’s make the best of this winter celebration, finding joy in the simplest of pleasures and spreading warmth and happiness to those around us.

Written by Darsh for the CBF Store

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