There’s almost nothing as exciting as spending time with your kids in the summer with a nice cold one in hand, and a barbeque going while watching them live their best childhood. Well, let’s just be honest. We also want to ensure they’re occupied enough to let us have our feet up and enjoy the day! Here are a few ways you can create a fun yet private backyard for the kids and you this coming summer.

  1. OZ Hammocks for some Summer fun

You absolutely have to add OZHammocks to your collection. This is where memories are literally made for your kids. This sensory swing can carry up to 120kgs and comes with a hook, strap, storage bag, and has an inflatable mat. It is a perfect place for your kids (at most two of them) to play or simply rest & relax while you enjoy some “me” time. Trust us, once they see this cool thing, they will even forget you exist until it’s dinner time.

If your kid isn’t all that into the outdoors but loves chilling on their tablet or a good book, then you can create a comfortable safe space with OZHammocks. This way, they will have fun while still getting to do their favourite thing.

The best part is that these hammocks come in a variety of colours, and can also be custom-made to the colour of your choice. If you have a bigger backyard, you can even have more than one for each of your kids!

2. Soga Lounge Floor Recliner for that Summer Tan

The SOGA Adjustable Lazy Sofa Game Chair was made with you and your kids’ comfort in mind. Let’s just start with the cool summer colours, 5 adjustable angles ranging from 90-180 degrees, this unit allows you to lie down, sit straight, and basically just relax without having to move chairs.

The different angles make it multifunctional, hence making it a perfect fit for reading, meditation, binge-watching a show, and here’s the banger; yoga. It is soft, legless, and very comfortable due to the padded nature of its back and seat.

If you are into darker shades, you can absolutely go with the purple one. This will definitely add a luxurious feel to your garden as you and your kids sit back and relax!

3. Privacy Garden Screens – Keep your Summer adventures private

Look at how cool this looks. There’s no need to worry about a peeping neighbour or just ensuring the basic privacy of your kids playing in their own backyard is met.

These privacy screens are made of hardwood and are ideal for the outdoors. The best part? You can get it in both smooth and woodsman finishes, in either charcoal or jarrah. You can also have some fun with the kids painting them to a colour of your choice. Perfectly amazing right?

4. Weber BBQ for the perfect Summer party

My mouth’s already watering as I think of the amazing family barbeque you are going to have in your backyard. With the Weber barbeque stove, you are definitely set to be a hero in your kids’ eyes’. This sleek unit can roast, bake and barbeque for up to 15 people. It is also equipped with an easy-to-read burner knob, a removable drip tray, and two thermoset swing-out work surfaces.

If you’ve been planning to surprise your kids with a camping trip, then you must carry along the Weber Baby BBQ. It has an hourly output of 9 megajoules, and is durable, with a cast aluminium lid and body.

Did we mention the two BBQs come with a recipe book? What more do you need to barbeque like the chef you are?

5. SOGA Ice Shaver for that Summer quench

The SOGA Ice shaver is the perfect companion for all your summer ice needs. This heavy-duty unit comes with multiple functionalities. You can use it as an ice crusher, ice shaver or snow cone maker. It has a low energy consumption rate, with a speed of 1400r/min. Plus it is easy to use so even your kids can help out.

You definitely will have some fun making some delish snow cones with your kids and having some crushed ice to add to your drink on a hot summer arvo. So refreshing don’t you think?

Check it out here to get your hands on it!

Well, now you have no excuse for not having the time of your life with your kids in summer. We got you absolutely sorted at The CBF Store!

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