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Top 6 Reasons You Should Buy A Robot Vacuum

By Claire Coleman

Let’s be honest: vacuuming is not a fun chore. There’s nothing fun about dragging a heavy machine around your house and having to push it along manually.

Luckily, robot vacuums are here to save you time and energy from cleaning your home.

The market for robot vacuums is rapidly growing across the world. The reason? Robot vacuums are a game-changer—it offers ease of use among users and the convenience of keeping your home clean with less work.” says coffee solutions supplier Harvey Griffin of Coffee Machine.

If you’re still thinking twice about getting one, here are the top six reasons you should buy a robot vacuum!

Cats and Robot Vacuums

1. Cleaning With A Robot Vacuum Saves You Time And Energy

Who doesn’t like having more time to do the things they love?

That’s what a robot vacuum can help you accomplish. Robot vacuums are designed to work independently, navigate the house, avoid obstacles, detect dirt on the floor, and pick up dust bunnies.

It’ll keep your house cleaner while you focus on much more important things like doing your hobbies, spending time with the family, and getting a well-deserved rest. Whether you have a small studio apartment or a large family home, Tesvor offers S6 Turbo for larger spaces and Tesvor M1 or X500Pro for smaller areas.

2. Flexibility In Cleaning Any Type Of Surface

Robotic vacuums are highly flexible in cleaning any type of surface you want to clean. They can clean wood, tile, and other hardwood floors.

These smart vacuums can also easily clean carpets, rugs, and linoleum. Tesvor vacuums do not have the limitations other vacuum cleaners have—they will work on any surface without changing attachments!

3. Hands-Free Cleaning

When you own a robotic vacuum, there’s no need to be home for it to clean. You can use it to keep your house tidy while you’re away.

Tesvor has an advanced cleaning system that allows robot vacuums to navigate your home, clean efficiently, and return to their charging station automatically to ensure a well-functioning device.

4. Fits Tight Spaces

Robot Vacuum under a furniture

Robot vacuums are smaller than traditional vacuums—this means that they can fit into spaces where your traditional models of vacuums cannot go.

For example, the Tesvor X500 Pro and Tesvor M1 have small, sleek designs that easily fit under beds and furniture. It is small enough to get into tight corners, so you don’t have to worry about dirt and dust piling up.

5. Smart Functions To Make Your Life Easier

Cleaning with a robot vacuum means you can utilise its intelligent functions to make your life easier. Most Tesvor’s vacuum cleaners have efficient settings and features like built-in sensors to detect dirt, adjustable cleaning modes, obstacle avoidance, and drop detection.

Plus, if you want to have vacuum and mop functions in one device, you can opt for Tesvor S6, Tesvor X500 Pro, and Tesvor S6 Turbo.

6. Ensure A Cleaner Environment

When you’re busy and on the go, sometimes the last thing you want to do is clean up after yourself. But at the end of the day, you want your home to be a place that’s not only comfortable but also healthy for everyone who lives there.

A robot vacuum ensures no dust mites and allergens are in your home by constantly cleaning and navigating your home.

Achieve Superior Cleaning—Without The Hassle

So, if you’re in the market for a new vacuum, we think your best bet is to go with a robotic one. Robot vacuums have all the benefits of regular vacuums and more—it’s smart enough to navigate their way around your home, handle any type of surface, and don’t need manual operation.

CBF Appliances offers the best of Tesvor’s robot vacuum cleaners to keep your house sparkling clean without all the work.

Visit us at or call (03) 8578 3288 and let us help you find a trusty new appliance for your home!

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