It’s almost 9th of May, which is Mother’s Day just in case you forgot (in which case you will never hear the end of it). You have probably been working hard to come up with a gift for your amazing mum this year, (crockpots are a cliché, trust us). This post is for everyone that has absolutely no idea what gift to give to their mum, sister, friend, wife, girlfriend or granny this Mother’s Day. We have got you covered.

Comfort Please: Let’s start with this beautiful handheld massager, the SOGA 2X Deluxe Handheld Percussion Soothing Body Massager. Nothing gives the body a more soothing massage than this body massager. This gift screams, I care about you and know you deserve a special treat. Check out our full range of massagers.

I love your style mummy: You can also surprise her with this stylish Cayman – Australian Compressed Hardwood – Privacy Garden Screens. Nothing says I love you like a custom made gift. These specially carved privacy screens will make her home and garden more stylish and score some points for you as a thoughtful son, daughter, or friend. Plus they come with a raw finish allowing for painting and are good for both outdoor and indoor use. You can get a pack of 5 for only $225 (with free shipping).

A little rest please: When did she last have a holiday? Or a camping trip? I don’t know about you but I know my mum works so hard (bringing us up was no joke) she needs a long holiday. SOGA 2X Inflatable Car Mattress Portable Travel Camping Air Bed Rest Sleeping Bed Beige will be a great addition to the camping trip you are taking her on, (and paying ofcourse, because she deserves it). You can also check out some additional colours here

Photos Please: My mum loves photos. Come to think of it, which lady doesn’t love creating memories and what better way to ensure she keeps the memories going than the Instax Mini11 Ice White Camera? First, it is very sleek, secondly, it comes with a strap for convenient carrying. Finally, and most importantly, it is stylish. Just make sure to be on your best behaviour or else you’ll find her showing your goofiest photos to her grandkids, and laughing at your expense, haha. You’ll thank us later.

Pretty in Pink: Another wonderful and thoughtful gift you can get her this Mothers’ Day is this smart fitness watch; the SOGA 2X Waterproof Fitness Smart Wrist Watch Heart Rate Monitor Tracker P8. This smart watch not only serves as an exercise companion but can also be used to answer incoming calls, supports messages and social media, and also records sleep information to assist in adjusting sleep habits. This is a thoughtful gift to let your mum know you care.

And finally, you can get her this fine recliner made just with her in mind. The SOGA 4X Floor Recliner Folding Lounge Sofa Futon Couch Folding Chair Cushion White has 6 different angles for supporting the waist, spine and back. It is good for watching a movie, relaxing after a hard day’s work or taking a nap in the office (make sure to lock the door first!!) This basically spells comfort for your dear mum. Check out more of these here.

Whichever gift you decide to get the mums in your life this year, please make sure you let them know you love them and appreciate all they have done and are continue to do.


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