There have been several Robo-vacs introduced into the market in the last few years, all with a whole list of features, which unfortunately don’t always work as expected. That’s not the case with the Tesvor Collection. It’s created to make your life especially easy. Let’s talk about the Tesvor M1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Hoover & 4000Pa Adjustable Suction Power.

According to reviews, the Tesvor M1 is ranked among the best in Robo-vacs, and with good reason. First, because of its suction power. This unit has four adjustable suction power levels; 1000 Pa, 1800 Pa, 2800 Pa, and 4.000 Pa. This gives you choices, depending on your need. You will not find anything else in the market with 4000Pa that literally sucks all the dirt right from off your floor. None of the other robots have this much suction power.

Tesvor M1
Tesvor M1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 4000Pa Suction Power

Here’s Why You Need a Tesvor M1:

It’s Tiny

Tesvor clearly had you in mind when they created this unit. Its slim-fit design means it can slide right under the bed, furniture, cabinets, places you rarely get to clean because you can’t reach.

Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

I don’t know about you, but I love this feature as it means the unit can use voice control. It enables you to give commands to your Robo-vac, and boom!! It starts or stops working. You can put your feet up and give instructions like the boss you are!!

Automatically Finds Its Way Home

The unit will automatically go back to its charging base once it’s done vacuuming or when power is low. Such a smart little thing!! That means you will never have to worry about whether it’s charged enough for cleaning.

Tesvor M1
Tesvor M1 Auto Recharge

Excellent Surface Coverage

The M1 never leaves any area uncleaned or repeats an already vacuumed surface. It creates a real-time cleaning map, moving systematically, and can cover up to 148 square meters in one cleaning cycle.

Tesvor M1
Tesvor M1 Floor Coverage for Efficient Cleaning

It Mops!

The robot can do both mopping and vacuuming. This is significant as only 44% of robots can do this. Its water tank can carry up to 350ml of water and can be bought separately. You can get this at only $25

Comes With Standard Accessories

These include a charging base, two replacement side brushes, a replacement filter, a cleaning tool, a remote control, and a manual.

Check out this demo video to see how amazing the Tesvor M1 really is!!

Tesvor M1 Superior Suction Power

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